Water and energy: our pact with the environment

Water conservation
Water is a precious resource that we are used to taking for granted. The battle against water waste is instead central to the cause of environmental sustainability. LarioHotels has chosen to put it at the heart of our corporate responsibility. For this reason, in all of our structures, we adopt practices to reduce water consumption in an impactful manner, from laundry services to the internal water supply. Our partners are only certified laundries. Guests staying in our hotels are informed that sheets and towels are changed only upon specific request. In common areas, sinks have an automatic device that limits the use of running water. Because we believe in walking the talk.

Energy savings
The environmental impact of a structure on the territory is not only what’s immediately visible. It is also measured by consumption: energy consumption, first and foremost. LarioHotels takes numerous measures to reduce the consumption of energy at our facilities. During the phases of renovation and maintenance over the years, we have always made significant improvements to achieve the highest standards of energy savings. We use low-consumption LED lighting, we choose home automation where possible, we use water from the lake for the operation of heat pumps, which is then filtered and returned to the lake. In our most recently opened hotel, Vista Palazzo, we have managed to combine luxury comfort with respect for the environment and reduction of energy consumption. An example? The thermal insulation of the exterior of the building, which has resulted in a drastic reduction in consumption.  We care about where we live.