It’s written ‘Lario’. It means ‘Benefit’

What is a Benefit Company?

Benefit Companies are not constrained by mere profit, but utilize profit to operate “in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories, the environment, and other stakeholders”. This means that a Benefit Company, in order to be recognized as such, must set specific objectives and achieve them.

Italy is the first European country to have introduced, in 2016, a law regulating the recognition of Benefit Companies. We consider this a feather in our country’s cap.

Lario Hotels becomes a Benefit Company

In 2021, Lario Hotels was officially recognized as a Benefit Company. An important achievement, of which we are especially proud. It came after a particularly difficult year for the entire Italian tourism sector. A period that, however, we have chosen to face by developing new projects and embracing new stimuli. Which is why we decided, first of all, to expand – in addition to the historic locations in Como (Villa Flori, Terminus, Posta Design, and the recent Vista Lago di Como), we have been busy preparing the opening of Vista Verona, a small luxury hotel in the heart of one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. Which, like the others, is a proud ambassador of Italian taste and hospitality.

Our 4 goals

For Lario Hotels, becoming a Benefit Company is the natural culmination of the principles on which we were founded more than a century ago.
From the outset, we have put corporate social responsibility and transparency – which used to be called simply honesty and respect – at the center of our daily work. The aims that we are committed to pursue are:

  1. People first
    We invest in employee training and coaching programs to provide opportunities to young people, including those from underprivileged backgrounds. And we do so while ensuring a healthy, stimulating, and gender-equal work environment. In short, our collaborators work with us, not ‘for’ us.
  1. Community
    We actively participate in cultural, economic, and charitable projects promoted by local communities. We work in synergy with other stakeholders to promote sustainable policies and practices that activate virtuous circles aimed at evolving the entire supply chain.
  1. Sharing our home
    We envision a tourism that doesn’t devour the land where we were born and raised, but that helps it thrive. We promote our local landscape and culture and traditions, inviting people to appreciate their beauty. The reason is simple: the place where we work is the place we love most.
  2. Awareness, respect, conservation
    Energy efficiency, an attentive use of materials and natural resources, and respect for the landscape and its ecological balance: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we are borrowing it from our children”.