Training as a mission

Caring about our collaborators
We invest in training for our employees and organize coaching programs for the insertion of young talents, including those from disadvantaged categories.
In a healthy, attractive, and stimulating working environment, where it is possible to grow and improve one’s position over time, people are more motivated to get involved. For Lario Hotels, ensuring the possibility of internal growth while training and rewarding our people is not only a method, but a philosophy. Moreover, ensuring gender equality and cultivating new talent becomes an opportunity for development and value for the company. Every day we encourage dialogue between departments and management, because company performance also grows through listening. With this in mind, once a year we organize two days of training dedicated to the entire staff, which we call LarioHotels Team Days.

Training as social commitment
More than just employees, we want happy and fulfilled young people. For this reason, we are committed to a process of social sustainability based on scholastic education.
Since 2007, LarioHotels has been supporting Cometa Formazione, an organization that educates and trains young people from disadvantaged situations. An example of our collaboration is the creation of a Mini-Masters for kitchen and dining room staff. But LarioHotels is also one of the founders of IATH, an academy of hotellerie, and supports numerous other schools and institutes for tourism, offering internships within our facilities.